Spring Block Swap

Theme: Beautiful Blues
Cost to participate: $5.00

Make 12 ½ inch blocks with your choice of pattern using the Isobel collection of fabrics from Paisley Pines. These fabrics will be on sale at 10% off from January 20 through February 28 for participants only.

Make a total of 12 blocks. They can all be the same, or some can be different.

Drop off your completed blocks on or before Saturday, April 16. Blocks will then be “shuffled up” and re-distributed to participants. Everyone will receive 12 great blocks that someone else has made. You may get one of your own blocks back. Who knows? Please do not sign up to participate if you think you will not be able to finish on time.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure you use fabric from the Isobel collection and/or other selected fabric that we have chosen to coordinate.

  • Use a good quality neutral thread

  • Make sure you iron your work as you go and make seams lay flat.

  • Consider making more than one block pattern.

  • Remember the golden rule of the swap, which is…Don’t give something to someone else that you wouldn’t use yourself.

Next, make your quilt interesting by possibly using these tips:

  • Put your blocks on point

  • Sash the quilt in different colors

  • Use a pieced border

  • Add cornerstones to the borders

  • Make more blocks on your own to make a larger quilt

  • If you’re having trouble with finding a pattern, I carry a book here at the shop called “Quick & Easy Block Tool” which will give you plenty of ideas and patterns. The book is regularly $17.95. It will be offered to participants only for 10% off.

When your quilt is complete with quilting and binding, I ask that you bring it back to the shop by June 30. Your quilt will be displayed at the 3rd-anniversary sale on June 9th. Each person visiting the shop that day will be able to vote on the quilts they like the best. The quilt with the most votes will receive a $25.00 Paisley Pines gift card! If you find that you cannot finish on time, it's okay. However, it would exclude you from possibly being the winner.

You can sign up in different ways:

So.... get out your books, patterns, or go online and find those great block patterns.

Most of all, have fun with it!